Step out of your daily world.–Step into our fully equipped playhouse.

You are very welcome in our guesthouse KinkyPlayhouseNL 

if you adhere to OUR house rules.

Our House Rules   &   Conditions

  1. You must be over 18 years of age and all visitors must also be at least 18 years of age. This is checked by means of an ID check. Each guest must also have his Identity Card with him upon registration.
  2. Sex with a minor is prohibited by Dutch law, so it is also strictly prohibited in our residence.
  3. You must behave in accordance with Dutch law.
  4. Prostitution or opportunity for prostitution practices is prohibited in our house.
  5. The managers of the KinkyPlayhouseNL themselves do not supervise the characteristics during your stay.
  6. The use of all rooms, utilities, conveniences and services is at your own risk. That is why KinkyPlayhouseNL cannot be held liable for negligence.
  7. All visitors are voluntary guests with willing permission and at your own risk. A form to that end must be signed.
  8. The use and trading of hard drugs within the facility is prohibited. Alcohol is permitted, but must be enjoyed moderately. Drunkenness or intoxication is not tolerated.
  9. Smoking is not allowed in our entire stay due to fire safety. Outside there is a covered smoking area. Use of the ashtrays is mandatory.
  10. Any kind of professional or commercial or public photography and filming in our KinkyPlayhouseNL and around the stay is prohibited without exceptions. Guests who have arranged a private stay are asked to use film and video for private use only. 
  11. The managers of the KinkyPlayhouseNL believe in the non-violent laissez-faire of every sexually mature being and therefore allow all forms of playful scenes that bring your sexual fantasies and adventures to life. Physical injury but also all forms of violence are illegal and therefore prohibited.  The managers of the KinkyPlayhouseNL do not approve and cannot be held liable for any form of health-threatening practices during sessions and stays at the KinkyPlayhouseNL.
  12. Masters or sadomasochists are obliged to act according to the generally and globally recognized safe, healthy and consensual credo of someone responsible for slaves.
  13. Follow all directional and information signs and verbal instructions in the KinkyPlayhouseNL at all times.
  14. No game allowed with someone who is intoxicated or not in good health.
  15. For your own hygiene, thoroughly disinfect all surfaces used, including play material and lubricant bottles. Wipe away all mess or spillage.
  16. No shouting or loud shouting.
  17. No open fire or weapons.
  18. No unguarded slavery or bondage. Safety first
  19. The staff of the KinkyPlayhouseNL has the authority to prohibit guests who do not behave themselves and to deny them access without refund of the accommodation costs and deposit.
  20. Deposit of € 200 must be paid in advance. You will receive this back in full on departure, provided that no additional costs have been incurred or that items have disappeared or have been intentionally destroyed.
  21. Upon arrival, a checklist about the condition of the stay will be filled in together with the staff and guests, and this will be checked afterwards if any items are broken, destroyed or missing. If it appears that things are broken, destroyed or missing, these costs will be deducted from the deposit.
  22. No scat. If this is found to have been done intentionally, an extra cleaning amount of € 200 will be deducted from the deposit.
  23. Pissex is allowed provided that the tracks are cleaned by the guests themselves.
  24. Use of Crisco is allowed, but be careful to order an extra towel set with a paper roll. And is requested to clean up all crisco tracks.
  25. If there are no other bookings or guests just before or after your stay, an early check-in or late check-out is possible at no extra cost.
  26. Sheets, towels and final cleaning are included. If you require a daily maid service, you can ask us this during the check-in process.
  27. Shuttle service Eindhoven AirPort or Central Station Eindhoven. € 50 return in the day time between 8:00 AM / 10:00 PM Nightly rate + € 10 between 10:00 PM and 8:00 AM If you wish to use this service, please notify 1 day in advance. Any interim Shuttle Service is also possible. Use the general telephone number:
  28. Call 112 immediately in the event of an acute serious emergency.
  29. Every guest must be aware of our house rules. By signing the check-in form you agree to our house rules.


An online booking is only binding after a written provisional confirmation. We reserve the right to refuse bookings without reason. A final booking confirmation will be sent by email upon receipt of an agreed deposit. Changes to the booking at a later date, eg A shortening or extension of the booking period or a transfer of the booking to third parties is only possible in consultation with us. We reserve the right to cancel or reschedule one night bookings even after confirmation, an already paid deposit will be refunded if the booking is canceled on our part.


By confirming the booking request, we ask for a deposit of at least 50% from 2 nights and 100% of the total amount due for 1 night. Please ensure that we have this deposit within 48 hours days of receipt of the provisional booking confirmation. The proof of payment in our bank account is decisive for compliance with this deadline. If the deposit is not received within this period, we will consider the contractual relationship broken and the online booking will be canceled.


Any balance is cash on the day of arrival and must be paid upon check-in. The tourist tax is included.


The rental period starts on the day of arrival from 2 pm and ends at 12 noon on the day of departure. Exceptions are possible after consultation with us - let us know your preferred arrival and departure times on the booking form so we can plan accordingly! Check-in must be by 10 PM. Or if after 22:00 only after contact and consultation with management. We ask that you notify us as soon as possible by phone or SMS of any changes in check-in times (for example, due to flight cancellations or delays). In any case, it is essential to inform us about the exact arrival time by phone or text about half an hour before arrival at the apartment so that we can be there in time for your check-in. Key collection takes place in the house along with an instruction.


A cancellation of the booking up to 3 weeks before arrival is possible after deduction of the processing costs of € 50.00. In case of a later cancellation or non-arrival without cancellation, the deposit will be deducted without deduction. For cancellations, please use the cancellation form on the homepage under "Contact".


The apartments may only be occupied by the number of persons indicated in the guest's booking. Pets are not allowed.


The guest is fully liable for losses and damage to the apartment, furniture, equipment and toys during the period of use. We cannot be held responsible for short-term defects in furniture, public facilities, telephone or internet connection; a price reduction is excluded. The same goes for force majeure. The use of the house, furniture, public roads and parking spaces are at your own risk.


In case of loss of valuables of the guests during the stay, any liability is excluded.


The agreed rental price is the final price including one-time final cleaning and includes all additional costs, including the provision of bed linen and towels. In case of excessive pollution, an additional cleaning fee of € 50.00 will be charged. When detecting deliberate scat contamination, additional cleaning costs of € 200.00 will be charged.


Filming and photography for professional purposes in our stay require our express permission. Private photos are allowed.


Take into account the general habits in rental properties. Disturbing noises should be avoided after 22:00. This applies to the interior of the garden as well as to the entire exterior surrounding the house.